If Dubai has accomplished anything, it is a welcoming mix of enthusiastic visitors, homeowners, and up-and-coming vacation rentals to complement its enormous potential.

As a worldwide tourist destination, Dubai is at the top of the list for providing a variety of holiday homes in Dubai. The city’s collection of collections stands out for several reasons, including their completely furnished layouts, all-inclusive costs, and excellent accessibility.

What Is Holiday Home Rental?

In basic terms, holiday home rentals in Dubai have completely furnished apartments or villas for rent with all-inclusive expenses like Hi-Speed Wi-Fi and DEWA, as well as an A-Z approach to holiday experiences.

A fully equipped kitchen is also included in fully furnished rentals, which is set up in a ready-to-move configuration. Short-term rentals can provide a variety of contract lengths, including daily, weekly, and monthly rents.

Who Can Provide Holiday Home Rental Service In Dubai?

You must register with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. In order to promote your home, whether it is an apartment or a villa. To sell your apartments or vacation villas as vacation homes, go to Dubai Tourism and register them.

Owners would be required to submit essential paperwork and a registration fee in order to get a tourism license. Landlords can also engage with existing DTCM license operators to manage their property successfully.

Few Tips Before You Begin Holiday Home Rental

Despite the apparent benefits and possibilities of holiday home rentals in Dubai, they can come with a few drawbacks, especially if you don’t pay attention to local restrictions. For everyone in the hotel business, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) establishes specific norms and limits. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re a private homeowner:

Landlords must receive a tourist license 

Homeowners can obtain permits for up to 8 properties 

Submit all required papers 

Owners must rent out complete apartments 

DET (Department of Economy and Tourism) approval is required prior to listing.

We recommend that you can educate yourself with Dubai Tourism Law in order to avoid errors or unwelcome consequences.


Taking on the duty of managing a single property, let alone numerous properties, may be a rewarding experience. Managing a rental property may be time-consuming, tedious as well as cumbersome. Every rental property, whether short-term or long-term, necessitates the completion of a series of steps, including the acquisition of permits, registrations, and so on.

We at Desert City Stays recommend that clients hire trained staff to manage their short-term rental properties, from the beginning stages of obtaining licenses to all marketing efforts such as offering your house for rent, photoshoots, and turnkey outfitting.

This A-Z property management package means that homeowners can now enjoy a stress-free approach while also receiving a higher Return on Investment from one of the leading providers of holiday home rental in Dubai.