The trend towards owning a leisure property is on the increase, although not necessarily purely for the seemingly obvious reason. Short-term rental demand has a striking increase in the market, apartment owners can benefit now from renting their units as holiday homes in Dubai. 


If anyone of you is looking for a property, buying a holiday home could be the perfect investment option for you. Not only will you own a vacation home for yourself, family, and friends to unwind and catch-up, but you could also make maximum profits by renting it out in the short-term rental market. Vacation rentals across the Emirates are thriving and are thirty to forty percent higher than long-term rent over the year based on studies.  


1. Location is the key 

Dubai is always known for its tourism, hospitality, leisure, and real estate market. Owning a home in the UAE can offer stability and less stress and you can earn unlimited passive income by renting out your property in the UAE even when you are away for vacation.  


2. Value for money 

Apart from having access to a complete home, make your holiday home cheaper for travelers. Feature an equipped kitchen so you guests can save money on eating at restaurants during the stay, suitable for singles and those with families.  


3. Have a flexible pricing strategy 

Investors and expatriates prefer staying in vacation rental homes rather than booking in hotels or signing up for annual lease terms. Tourists are also choosing holiday homes because of the degree of flexibility it offers with arrival and departure dates, and the ability to adjust prices occasionally to reflect changing patterns of demand. On holiday seasons vacation rental homes outperform hotels. The peak holiday season is the time when vacation rentals are in the highest demand and as a result yield the most rewarding rental yields. In the high season, rates are often double those of the mid and low season. 


4. Make your property ready to live in. 

A Dubai short-term rental is usually completely ready to live in and fully furnished from kitchenware and tableware to linen and bath towels. Holiday homes have the advantage over hotels because many travelers like the concept of staying in a cozy home which gives comfort as well as a chance to experience what it is like to be a local. 

If anyone of you is looking for a passive income, setting up a holiday home could be the best investment. And now is the perfect opportunity to enter Dubai’s rapidly evolving holiday homes market especially with Expo 2020. Turn your property into a passive income source. Desert City Stays is a Holiday Home company in UAE. We manage properties for our landlords and make them higher yields than they could in the long-term rental market. 


You can sign up with us for as little as 6 months and we offer two different prices. For the full availability of your property, we charge 15% + Vat. No hidden fees or start-up fees. We also have another way where they can still use the property, but we take 18 % commission. We are cheaper than other holiday home companies because the average charge is 20%, and we do not charge a setup fee. Please do not hesitate to call or message us if you have any queries, Tel +971 45705682, Mob +971 506485635. For more information, you may also visit our website