For several people, an International trip can be the vacation of a lifetime. Stuffing appropriately for that experience can be a little more hectic. Consider several important items to include in your suitcase before you leave for a luxurious and memorable international vacation.

Before you leave make sure to check some essential items you should pack to make your journey enjoyable.

1) Travel Documents - You need to be well prepared with an up-to-date passport and any other important travel docs that may be required by the countries you will visit. Make sure you carry copies of all those documents in a location separate from your passport. In case if your original documents are lost or stolen.

2) Make sure all your luggage, bag or handbag contains contact information on the inside of the bag. If your luggage gets accidentally lost at airport or shipping port, the information inside your luggage may be the only way your lost loggage will reach back to you.

3) Carry different modes of payment with you. Take one or more credit cards, but be sure to inform your credit card company of your travel plans and destinations before you go. Otherwise, you may just find yourself in a dificult situation when your credit card company shut off your account due to purchases overseas that they may view as a sign your credit card has been compromised. Carry a small amount of cash with you. Just make sure to keep it in a secure location.

4) When you go on vacation you dont want to waste your time doing laundry. If you’re going on a 1 week trip, pack at least ten changes of innerwear. These are small items that can be easily stuffed into your luggage without taking up too much room.

5) Take with you some recording device to capture memorable moments of your trip. Your phone or camera will do a great job of capturing a few visual memories. A journal, notebook or writing app on your devices can be the place where you note your thoughts and feelings as you meet new people and get new experience on your journey. There will come a day when those memories will be adored.

6) While many travellers prefer to travel light, it’s also important to travel smart. Don’t guess one pair of shoes will see you through every travel experience. Always pack your most comfortable walking shoes. You want to enjoy the scenery and not the blisters on your feet ruin the experience, when you return from your trip.

7) While most of the travel locations will have ample resources for your medicinal needs, don’t take the risk of assuming you can get what you need when you get there. Pack more than enough of your prescription medicines for the trip, as well as favourate cosmetic items. If you should face delays overseas, you will be glad you remembered a few extra days of medication.

8) Don’t get too nervous with the weather forecasts for your destinations Tropical locations can have a cold evening or two. Cooler climates can experience a sudden burst of warm weather. Always take one sweater or jacket for those warmer location and a pair of shorts for treking up the mountains.

9) If you’re traveling with a partner, mix the contents of your suitcases together. Pack basic essentials for each of you in every piece you carry. That way, if a piece of luggage is lost or delayed, you will both have some clothing to get you through the days until you and your luggage are found. You can separate your belongings when you reach your destination.

10)  Pack a book or load your device with fresh reading material to get you through the long hours of airplane rides or rainy afternoons at the beach. Getting lost in a good book can be another reward of travel time.